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68 foods that boost milk supply.

food to boost milk supply

Boost Milk Supply

Most mummies will have this main concern and  worry while breastfeeding “will I make enough milk for my baby?” Well, mother nature has works her magic on our body and do you know that our bodies are designed to make copious amounts of milk even if we’re not really trying? The supply and demand nature of our supply and baby will usually work out on their own without us really trying. There are, however, some mummies who are struggling to make enough milk for they baby and perhaps you are one of those mothers…

A mother with low milk-supply issues will usually  try just about anything to increase their milk supply.  There are some food and herb that will help increase milk supply. You probably also know that certain foods and herbs called galactagogues can help increase milk supply. Fenugreek, oat meal, flaxseed  is probably one of the best known herbal galactagogues used by breastfeeding moms

But do you know that apart from Fenugreek, oat meal, flaxseed, there are more food that can help boost?  Singapore Lactation Bakes has compiled a list of  68 foods that might help you increase your milk production.

slb lactation food chart

What you should try to include in your daily diet:
  • Oatmeal with either honey, banana, strawberry, blueberry or milk. Change the flavors everyday and keep it interesting as you wouldn’t want to get sick of it easily
  • Tons of water!! staying hydrated is one of the most important part of keeping your supply going
  • Lots of carrots into your lunch and dinner
  • Green papaya ( I love green papaya soup yumz)
  • Avocado! we need some good fats so how about some Avocado milk shake?
  • Papaya milk bee hoon ( I love xin wang’s papaya milk bee hoon )

Well here are some tips and I hope it helps you too.

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