5 years of breastfeeding and these are STILL my favourite. The nutella brownies make amazing motn snacks! 😆
I have tried both brownies & their white chocolate cookies! Super nice I truly love it 🥰😍 Recommended! 💛
the cookies are tasty, do not have the oats rough texture. the cranberry cookies taste bit sour after taste. overall good 👍
Love the taste of the cookies! Thank you so much! 😊
I had some samples when I gave birth and I loved the cookies so much. I went to the mummy fair only to buy some😅 Good snacks for all the family!
The white cookies taste soooo nice…! In fact their SLB tea too tasted nice.. 😍😍😍😍

Can’t wait to eat more…thank you Singapore Lactation Bakes!! Mummies do try it.. 😉
Delicious cookies! Glad we managed to sample their bakes at Expo 👍🏼
Love the lactation cookies (especially dark chocolate flavour) from Singapore Lactation Bakes! 😍
Ever since giving birth a month ago, I have been craving for chocolate every day. As my confinement meals completed last week, I haven't been eating lactation boost. as I know I've been craving for chocolate, I ordered my supply from SLB. Today, I received my 8 days supply bundle and added on the milk drunk mini cup cake. 1st thing I indulged were the mini cup cake.

While having my sweet tooth cravings supplied for, hoping that my milk supply will double up as well!

thank you.
Tried almost all the flavours of their cookies, brownie and tarts and my favourite by far is their cranberry, dark chocolate and chocolate chips lacation cookies. Definitely help mummies who are breastfeeding increase supply. Their new launch berry berries and berry chocolate granola are very nice as well, my favourite is berry berries! Yummylicious! 🤤🤤 Recommended to all mummies who are breastfeeding! 👍🏻👍🏻
Their flavours of chocolate chips, dark chocolate macadamia nuts and cranberry lacation cookies are simply so delicious and nice! Glad that it helped in improving the yield of the breastmilk. Cant wait to try other flavours of cookies as well as their muffins and brownies! Highly recommended to all mothers on breastfeeding journey! 👍
The brownies and muffins are very delicious and it really boost my supply a lot after consuming for a month plus. The Grandma Yeo brownie and cranberry muffins are my top most fav. 😋😋 it's a must have!
Cookies taste good!!! Delivery not bad too! Order on tue, recieved on friday 😘 totally recommend this
I have been ordering SLB lactation bakes since breastfeeding my #1. Once I gave birth to my #2, i ordered immediately again. I always have a stash of their cookies ready in my fridge and munch on them throughout the day. Though it does not help with my supply, it helps alot with my constant hunger pangs.

I have tried before their cookies, cookie cups, muffins and brownies. All of them taste really good and not overly sweet. Dark chocolate lactation cookie, cookie cup, peanut butter muffin, chocolate chip muffin are always in my checkout cart. As a non sweet tooth person, I am glad that SLB is able to customize and bake the cookies with lesser sugar.

Their fb customer service personnel are very friendly too. They always patiently answer my queries and gave advice to any breastfeeding issues that I may have.

Thank you SLB!
Immediate results: Took 5 cookies after dinner and milk production increased by 50% at midnight. Cookies are delicious too, you wouldn’t have known that they are for lactation purpose.

Customer service is awesome too. Abigail very kindly waited beyond opening hours when we were running late to collect our bakes.

Highly recommended! 👍🏻
Great experience ordering from them on my wife’s previous pregnancy. Will be ordering from them again real soon 😉
Super love their brownies. Not too overly sweet, crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. And not to forget the Nutella cookie cups. 👍 ate 1 brownie and seen an increase of 20ml. Will continue to see how it goes! 😀
When I had my first one I wasn’t successful in breastfeeding. So when I was pregnant with my 2nd one I decided I want to make this works so I was googling how to boast my yield. So I came across SLB. Once I gave birth my yield was really low combined only yielding 50ml per 4 hrs. Was worry that this time round my bf journey will failed again.
So I decided to order cookies from SLB.
The cookies was so yummy that I couldn’t stop. Before I knew it I had 5 cookies in 1 seating. After a while my breast started to feel tight and when I pumped it out I was yielding 80ml.
Thank you so much for helping me in my bf journey
Such wonderful bakes!! Actually, I was skeptical in the beginning but after seeing the reviews from alot of mummies, I wanted to give it a try. And my Gosh! I saw an increase in my milk supply!! For me, the soft lactation cookies were working so well for me. I’ve also tried ALL the cookies as well. Now I’m going for the brownies!! I’ll keep ordering till I breastfeed 🤣😍
Thank u so much SLB!!
Cookie cups and cookies are nice! In brief, these works for me! Supply did increase noticeably after 1 week of snacking on these happy treats. Recommended! Additionally, the nursing cover is very cooling. I don't feel paranoid of the little one feeling stuffed up while nursing on me. This too is recommended! Thank you SLB!
Highly recommend their cookies cup it's soooo sinful yet delicious!! 😋
Order some cookies for my wife...

She tried most of the products and they were all simply delish! And take it as my daily tea time snack too! After having them she feel more let downs as well - this is truly killing 2 birds with one stone! 😃
My only regret is should have ordered n started her on them sooner!! 😊
Joanna’s service has been impeccable too. As I had requested for no macadamia nuts in the bakes, she replied me promptly and even called me to clarify.
Thanks Joanna and all at SLB!! 👏🏻👍🏻
Great experience with SLB. Bought a gift hamper for my friend who just gave birth. She love every single thing that was given inside. But She love the cookies cup the most as she is a chocolate lover. The cookies cup is filled with lots of nutella which is really sinful but is an awesome chocolate treat for her. Delivery was on time, speedy replies from the staff. Thank you will definitely buy them again. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
I had ordered from SLB for the 3rd time and I must say, their customer service is excellent so far. Very prompt and friendly and never fail to impress me.
Their cookies are Yummy, especially the dark chocolate, choco chip and white choco with nuts!
I been eating them as snacks through out the day and it certainly help with my milk supply.
Keep up the good work slb! 😊