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Singapore Lactation Bakes

Lactation Tea

Wide range of lactation cookies, lactation muffins and nursing tea for breastfeeding mothers.

Delicious Lactation cookies, lactation muffins and lactation brownies that will help you boost and increase your breast milk supply and we deliver right to your doorstep.

Lactation Muffins SIngapore

How lactation cookies actually help me?

Our lactation bakes contain many key ingredients aka galactagogues that will help support your breastfeeding journey.

The key ingredients to our bakes are Rolled Oats, Brewer’s Yeast, and Flax Seed.

We are also using Halal certified ingredients for our lactation cookies, muffins and brownies.

In House Certified Lactation Counselor

Our recipe are specially curated by our founder Joanna Goy, Certified Lactation Counselor, who is also undergoing the course to attain her International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

With 10 years of breastfeeding experience and after supporting countless mama in Singapore since 2015, she is constantly tweaking and improving our lactation bakes to better support breastfeeding needs of our breastfeeding mama in Singapore.

Perfect Gift for the new mama and Baby Hamper

Did we mention that we bake and deliver on the same day? We also provide baby hamper for mothers who have just given birth. Forget chicken essence or newborn gift sets Surprise the new mum gift with our gift sets.

We got you covered

At times, it is a nursing cover. Other times, it could be a stroller cover or even a play mat. No matter the phase, we got you and your baby covered!

Your Breast-friend

Always there for you even in the wee hours, SLB is your cheerleader and your wee hour feeding companion! Let us be your most trusted companion in your breastfeeding journey.

Loved the chocolate flavor! Good crunch, got the flavours spot on! Wife is going to love this! check out the booth at expo 29jun to 4 Jul 2022!
Lactation tea relaxing taste
The cookies have premium flavours like butterscotch and sunpkin. Its unique and flavourful. Free tasting during Mummys Fair, wonderful place to try all flavours!
Nice lactation cookies, flavourful, great treats for Mummies!
Love the lactation cookies (especially dark chocolate flavour) from Singapore Lactation Bakes! 😍
Really yummy cookies!! Milk drunk cups are really the best.
Great for lactation nice and great smell
Cookies and muffins works for me. Taste good too
The cookies are delicious and smells appetising.
Decided to drop SLB a review, I've bought cookies and muffins from SLB, bought from both Shopee and their site. Their staff have been really friendly and have sharing tips from them. Good to drop them a message if you dont know what to get. They can help to recommend flavours and popular bakes for you too. Really helpful for new mothers as can be quite lost onstart. Will carry on to purchase from SLB
Love their bakes! Have tried other brands but so far this is the best!
Love their bakes and most importantly it worked for me too! Yummy!
My wife's all time favourite lactation brownie. It helped her greatly as she snacks whenever she pumps. It makes her happy. Happy wife happy life!
Had their bakes since 2018. This is my 2nd kid having SLB bakes. I have tried almost everything in their menu! Glad to see more flavours coming up. Will be looking forward to try them out
Had their lactation cookies during my confinement . It helped my supply increase overtime. Had them during my 6 months breastfeeding period. Enjoyed them totally
My to go gift for my new mother friends and colleague!
Great place to purchase lactation bakes
Bought lactation cookies for my wife. She absolutely enjoy them. Tasted it and it’s really good too. Will intro to friends too
Very good service and fast delivery. Delivered to my house next day. Helped my wife milk supply and baby can sleep better because he is fuller
My daughter who just gavebirth absolutely love and asked me to pick up a couple of times from their factory. The bakes has helped her breastfeed and smoothen herbreastfeeding curve.Great staffs who are friendly and knowledge about breastfeeding too! Always accomodate to our request and they are super patient with me too.Highly recommend.
Great service and love the bakes there. Good gifts for friends and family members!
Love how it gave me a booster
Have always believed in lactation bakes to help boost breastmilk supply as well as replenishing nutrients and keeping my mood in check. After moving back to Singapore in 2018, I chanced upon SLB in a mum and baby fair. Since then, they have been my go to for more than 4 years, supporting my breastfeeding journey with my no. 4 and 5. Joanna have been great in helping me with the different problems I encounter with breastfeeding. The bakes doesn't only worked for my supply and keeping me sane, the taste so good that everyone in my family look forward to my next order. Can feel the effort that they put in to it. They are my go to bakes for all my friends who became new mums and we are still ordering it for ourselves from time to time. It's delicious and helps with my kids bowel movement 😂. Highly recommended!
Amazing taste even for husbands 😉 Highly recommend the cookie cups.
Bought bakes from SLB for my wife after both my kids birth....she loves them and I've gone on to buy packages for friends and family who are new moms and they love the tastes too!! Highly recommended
Bought delicious cookies for my sister-in-law who gave birth recently! It worked well for her lactation issues, cookies are really nice!!
Definitely no regrets to give them a shot! Delivered on time and freshly baked! I already enlisted myself as a returning customers! 😊 They also often run promotions with discount coupons! Do checkout their facebook page!
Recommended from my circles of friends. Instead one of the best lactation products that have both results and still taste great! Definitely worth recommending!
Very tasty cookies, the team is so helpful to arrange delivery at a later date.Having it after my breastfeeding like a snack time. It does help in amount of milk I produce after 2,3 days. Can see a increase in my normal volume.
Pre-order for my friend for her first EDD. The delivery was on time and the cupcakes and cookies are freshly baked on the same day as the delivery. She is really satisfied with the service and products and it really helps her!! Highly recommended for mummies-to-be who are looking for lactation products made with natural ingredients!!
Bought the no sugar cookies for my aunt who just recently gave birth and she said it tasted great! They are perfect for mummies who don't have a sweet tooth but still crave some cookies~ Delivery was smooth and fast too!
bought the cookie cups & brownies for my friend who just became a mom! she really enjoyed them and it has become her favourite snack during her motherhood journey. i tried some when i visited her and i must say it was really delicious. might buy some for myself just as a snack to munch on, so good
not only suitable for the person whose lactation , aso have very good nutrition for kids and grown up the most important part is the taste is really awesome❤️ full of love❤️
Through friend recommendation, I bought it as a gift for my friend. She had great responses towards the lactation bakes and it makes me very happy to purchase such a meaningful gift. I look forward to my next purchase and I would recommend the gift sets to new mothers who wishes to promote better lactation ability!
Am so glad that I managed to find lactation bakes that not only work but also taste great! My favourite bakes are the cookie cups (all the flavours!) and my 3 year old loved it too. She would want a piece of the cookie cups when she sees me eating them and I would have to hide in the kitchen to eat them, just to make sure I get my lactation nutrition in. The ingredients are also child and husband friendly, but I wasn't keen on sharing with them :PMy milk production also increased such that my newborn could be off formula supplementation after the first week.All in all, highly recommended.
Purchases many times from SLB for my wife. Love their fast delivery and their taste has been consistent over the years! Remember I bought them back during 2016 and now there are so many other selections for my wife! Happy wife happy husband! Thanks SLB!
Bought for a college during her maternity, she says she really likes it and helped to increase her supply! delivery was very fast too which was surprising. thank you!
Bought a gift set for my cousin and she loves it so much. Its something different from the others hampers or gift set for new mummy. Thanks 😁
I bought a 12 days set last min for my daughter and the friendly staffs assisted me in expedited for next day collection. It helped with my daughter supply and it really help relief some stress off her. Awesome service , professional and accomodating
Tasty cookies and easy to snack on.
Ever since giving birth a month ago, I have been craving for chocolate every day. As my confinement meals completed last week, I haven't been eating lactation boost. as I know I've been craving for chocolate, I ordered my supply from SLB. Today, I received my 8 days supply bundle and added on the milk drunk mini cup cake. 1st thing I indulged were the mini cup cake.

While having my sweet tooth cravings supplied for, hoping that my milk supply will double up as well!

thank you.
Tried almost all the flavours of their cookies, brownie and tarts and my favourite by far is their cranberry, dark chocolate and chocolate chips lacation cookies. Definitely help mummies who are breastfeeding increase supply. Their new launch berry berries and berry chocolate granola are very nice as well, my favourite is berry berries! Yummylicious! 🤤🤤 Recommended to all mummies who are breastfeeding! 👍🏻👍🏻
highly recommended!
Their flavours of chocolate chips, dark chocolate macadamia nuts and cranberry lacation cookies are simply so delicious and nice! Glad that it helped in improving the yield of the breastmilk. Cant wait to try other flavours of cookies as well as their muffins and brownies! Highly recommended to all mothers on breastfeeding journey! 👍
Their flavours of chocolate chips, dark chocolate macadamia nuts and cranberry lacation cookies are simply so delicious and nice! Glad that it helped in improving the yield of the breastmilk. Cant wait to try other flavours of cookies as well as their muffins and brownies! Highly recommended to all mothers on breastfeeding journey! 👍
The brownies and muffins are very delicious and it really boost my supply a lot after consuming for a month plus. The Grandma Yeo brownie and cranberry muffins are my top most fav. 😋😋 it's a must have!
The cookie cups and brownies are super yummy! I've been eating this for 2 months and I could see the difference with my yield~ Thank you SLB <3
I love the bakes and this is the only brand that works for me - increase in supply. the cookies are so tasty and yum. 2-3pcs each time before pump. immediate increase in yield.
Cookies taste good!!! Delivery not bad too! Order on tue, recieved on friday 😘 totally recommend this
Generous fillings as shown! Highly recommended to mummies even if you are not breastfeeding. Yummy treat to tie you through meals you often skipped with your little ones around.
my second time buying the products. can I just say I LOVE the brownies. omg its nicer than any brownie ate outside. kudos SLB!
I have been ordering SLB lactation bakes since breastfeeding my #1. Once I gave birth to my #2, i ordered immediately again. I always have a stash of their cookies ready in my fridge and munch on them throughout the day. Though it does not help with my supply, it helps alot with my constant hunger pangs.

I have tried before their cookies, cookie cups, muffins and brownies. All of them taste really good and not overly sweet. Dark chocolate lactation cookie, cookie cup, peanut butter muffin, chocolate chip muffin are always in my checkout cart. As a non sweet tooth person, I am glad that SLB is able to customize and bake the cookies with lesser sugar.

Their fb customer service personnel are very friendly too. They always patiently answer my queries and gave advice to any breastfeeding issues that I may have.

Thank you SLB!
Received 2 boxes of Milk Drunk Nutella Mini Cookie Cup (6s) from my friend recently. The cookies are so yummy that I finished one whole box within the same day! Oops!

Just registered an account and placed an order for more cookies and also 2 boxes of the Milk Drunk Nutella Mini Cookie Cup!

Pretty sure it does help to boost my milk supply besides being a delicious snack! Can't wait to receive them!
Very cheerful and helpful staff and well handling of customer experience via the web chat on their website. Website navigating is easy and their knowledge on breastfeeding has helped my wife on increasing her breast milk supply with their handmade bakes. Everything was delicious that even I myself could not stop myself from stealing from mommy. Highly recommended to mummies who needs help with their breast milk supply and enquries about breastfeeding. 🤩
The cookies were yummy when I tried. Can’t wait to order my stash.
These cookies helped me when I first started my breastfeeding journey. Besides in aiding milk supply, they were also a delicious snack that helped to perk me up on tired days (especially the cranberry cookies and cookie cups - super yums!!!)
Immediate results: Took 5 cookies after dinner and milk production increased by 50% at midnight. Cookies are delicious too, you wouldn’t have known that they are for lactation purpose.

Customer service is awesome too. Abigail very kindly waited beyond opening hours when we were running late to collect our bakes.

Highly recommended! 👍🏻
Their cookies,muffins, brownies are all delicious. I kept ordering to stock up my cookies during my maternity leave but since they are unable to deliver to work place, i hv to stop ordering when i start working..but will always buy from them during baby fair. It works well on my supply.
Great experience ordering from them on my wife’s previous pregnancy. Will be ordering from them again real soon 😉
I love their cookies! really help with milk supply!
I love the yummy bakes from SLB and I make sure I always have some stashed away in the fridge, especially the cookies and cookie cups - they are of bite size, so it is convenient to munch on them during feeds in the wee hours. Although I never have problem with my milk supply since the birth of my baby, I don’t pump, so I consume lactation goodies from SLB to ensure that my milk supply doesn’t go down and that it can keep up with my baby’s growth spurts. I also find the customer service of SLB prompt, professional and helpful. I would definitely continue to order from them in the future.
Super love their brownies. Not too overly sweet, crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. And not to forget the Nutella cookie cups. 👍 ate 1 brownie and seen an increase of 20ml. Will continue to see how it goes! 😀
I purchased their lactation set, and they are so yummy! I saw my supply increased!

They have really good after service, eguide was sent to me on how should I have eat the bakes. When I have queries I'll message her staffs @ her site and they are really helpful too! Thank you for your bakes and service!
Delicious cookies for lactation
Awesome cookies!
I have order 4 times from SLB, so far I love their cookie cup! Super yummy, so easy to finish all 6 in one sitting. Most importantly it boosted my supply by 30-50ML each pump! I'll recommend their bakes to all new mummies for sure! Keep up the good work!
Love the brownies &cookies
Helps boosting supply & nourish milk quality
Highly recommend it. I’ve been trying ways to increase my milk supply. Other than constant latching, the cookies helped so much! Now my supply increased by two folds and expressing is no longer a stressful event! I would recommend buying the cookies with galactagogue.

Thank you SLB!
When I had my first one I wasn’t successful in breastfeeding. So when I was pregnant with my 2nd one I decided I want to make this works so I was googling how to boast my yield. So I came across SLB. Once I gave birth my yield was really low combined only yielding 50ml per 4 hrs. Was worry that this time round my bf journey will failed again.
So I decided to order cookies from SLB.
The cookies was so yummy that I couldn’t stop. Before I knew it I had 5 cookies in 1 seating. After a while my breast started to feel tight and when I pumped it out I was yielding 80ml.
Thank you so much for helping me in my bf journey
Chocolate muffins! Tastes great!
Such wonderful bakes!! Actually, I was skeptical in the beginning but after seeing the reviews from alot of mummies, I wanted to give it a try. And my Gosh! I saw an increase in my milk supply!! For me, the soft lactation cookies were working so well for me. I’ve also tried ALL the cookies as well. Now I’m going for the brownies!! I’ll keep ordering till I breastfeed 🤣😍
Thank u so much SLB!!
I just received my order yesterday. I tried one piece but didn't get to stop because it is so addictive. In total, I had only 6 pieces of the biscuit before I went to bed and in the wee morning, my boobs were tight (for the first time after many weeks!!) I managed to pump out double the amount effortlessly! This is simply amazing 🙂 So thankful
Cookie cups and cookies are nice! In brief, these works for me! Supply did increase noticeably after 1 week of snacking on these happy treats. Recommended! Additionally, the nursing cover is very cooling. I don't feel paranoid of the little one feeling stuffed up while nursing on me. This too is recommended! Thank you SLB!
Only tried the cookies and they work! But it’s really quite expensive.
Very friendly staffs to serve you with any questions that you have. Different type of flavours for their bakes. A must try for breastfeeding mommies.
I have 3 children, all of whom I’ve tried to breastfeed for as long as possible. With my first two children, my milk kicked in a little too slowly and as both had jaundice, I had to supplement and my milk supply just never kicked in well enough between hospital visits to the neonatal ward as my children had to undergo phototherapy.
When I conceived my third whom I gave birth to in October this year, I said I would try something new and so I ordered some cookies from SLB just a few weeks prior to my EDD to take with me for snacks after I had delivered at the hospital. My colostrum came in as always but then the milk came in right on time! My husband supported me by renting a phototherapy bed so that I could continue with my breastfeeding journey. It’s been two months now and I am actually oversupplying when I’ve always been an under supplier! I only hope that this continues once I return to work.
Oh, the muffins and cookie cups are delish by the way...yummy treat for you every once in a while and a great way to reward yourself for a job well done!
Thank you!!!!
Love SLB’s yummy & addictive cookies especially the dark choc & macadamia nuts & oats and the raisins & oats! Wish there’s more discounts though! 😛
Highly recommend their cookies cup it's soooo sinful yet delicious!! 😋
Very blessed to have met Jo, the founder of SLB who have helped me through my hard times during my BF journey. Not only SLB bakes yummy cookies (my top favourite is Dark Choc) and muffins...They also managed a FB page who allow mummies to raise and share BF tips and questions. Btw during my confinement, muffin and red date tea... best combo breakfast!
Ordered some of their lactation brownies and cookies for my friend and was very impressed with their friendliness and prompt service. My friend loves their cookies and brownies as they were delicious but not too sweet! And to top it off, they were effective! My friend was very happy that they boosted her milk supply, and helped made her breastfeeding journey a lot smoother! Thumbs up guys!
Love SLB's bakes. The cookies really tasty as well as their muffins. It helped to built up in my supply. 💞
Have tried several of their baked products. Especially loved their muffins and cookie cups! So tasty and satisfying. Since it helped to boost my supply, all the more to munch on those delicious goodies. I like that you have the option to add in additional boosters. Thank you, SLB!
Had a very good experience with SLB. Got their muffins for my friend and she loved it , she said it was really tasty and helped her alot. Delivery was fast and efficent. Thier replies were super quick and staff were really friendly. I would definitely order in the future 👍🏻
Had try the freshly baked muffin right after receiving. The muffin and cookies are so tasty. Not sure if it will help in my milk supply yet but they are indeed great as snacks.
The bakes boosted my wife's supply last year, highly recommended!
Goggled for lactation cookies as my supply is dwindling, and chanced upon SLB ever since my supply increased. Tried other brands but i prefer SLB the most as I am unable to to taste the brewer yeast in it!
Thumbs up for quality products and excellent service
SOOO in love with their muffins and cookies! It really helped me out with my milk supply!
When I gave birth, my yield was extremely low. However, the cookies and muffins helped to improve my supply by 20ml in the evening. In fact, my older daughter likes the cookie cups so much, I have to hide it from her at times. Thank you for coming up with such great-tasting products and the wonderful, supportive service team. The cookies always arrive very timely, 2 days after ordering. Kudos to the team! 🙂
All thanks to my sweetest friend, Melissa who ordered some delicious SLB bakes as an encouragement for my final breastfeeding journey. I am not a sweet tooth person & hardly eat cakes but I really love the moist & texture of your muffins that kept me wanting more. I finished my gift & just ordered another batch of muffins & cookies. Best of all, these lactation bakes really work fer me! Will definitely recommend to my families & friends.
Love those cookie cups and muffins! Breastfeeding is so much more fun with delicious pastries like these! Keep it up SLB x
Love their bakes as it is so tasty and helps to boost my supply for my Son too.
In order to double boost my milk supply for my twins, I’ve gotten the best lactation bakes!!!
I love their bakes! I have been ordering from them since June. The bakes have been helping out with my supply. If not for SLB helping with my supply. I might stop breastfeeding totally. Thank you SLB!!
Enjoyed the wide variety of cookies and muffins! Tried the brownies during baby fair and they were so delicious ! Can’t wait for them to be launched !
My first encounter with their excellent service was when I first ordered their muffins as a birthday surprise for a close friend who just delivered! Wasn't aware about the time frame initially but upon knowing my intentions, the order was rushed out so that my friend could receive it just in time on her birthday!

After eating SLB products over the past 2 weeks, I see a significant increase in my breast milk output as well as more frequent and forceful let downs! Plusss, it is a reeeallllly yummy treat to indulge in as bfast, desserts and esp to curb the in between meals hunger of a bfing mummy..

Thank u Joanna and team SLB for keeping us going!!!
Yummy cookies.. my tea break and supper must have items!!!!
They are generous with their ingredients. Not forgetting to mention it definitely helps with my supply. 🙂

their cookies are perfectly delicious..
my wife like it very much
Ordered for my wife for our first 2 kids ! Got to know it from a closed friend as it worked for her. We tried varioud brands before, however it wasnt useful. After trying SLB,the result was superb. As it increased her supply by 40 to 50ml, which madr my wife alot less stress too! Thanks SLB!
awesom cookies! bought some for my wife and indeed it helpes with her supply! bought most of their favours and i got to admit, i csnt stop steaing her cookies too!
Awesome bakes! Helped my wife with her supply
Order some cookies for my wife...

She tried most of the products and they were all simply delish! And take it as my daily tea time snack too! After having them she feel more let downs as well - this is truly killing 2 birds with one stone! 😃
My only regret is should have ordered n started her on them sooner!! 😊
Joanna’s service has been impeccable too. As I had requested for no macadamia nuts in the bakes, she replied me promptly and even called me to clarify.
Thanks Joanna and all at SLB!! 👏🏻👍🏻
Initially I had my doubts with lactation cookies, I have tried various brands but they did not help my supply at all and they taste very awful. But until a friend recommended me SLB because my supply was dwindling. I was very surprise that lactation cookies can taste sooo GOOD and most importantly it doubled my yield. Now I am a fan of SLB! Constantly ordering when my cookie supply is low!
Great experience with SLB. Bought a gift hamper for my friend who just gave birth. She love every single thing that was given inside. But She love the cookies cup the most as she is a chocolate lover. The cookies cup is filled with lots of nutella which is really sinful but is an awesome chocolate treat for her. Delivery was on time, speedy replies from the staff. Thank you will definitely buy them again. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
A close friend of mine was having issues with her milk supply. Thus, I bought her some of these cookies as a gift. Not too sure if it's legit or not, cause I didn't do much research. But turns out they were super legit! After a week of eating them, she said her supply increased by almost double! Idk how much that is tbh. But double sounds pretty amazing? Also, special thanks to their customer service, who were super helpful with their suggestions.
I had ordered from SLB for the 3rd time and I must say, their customer service is excellent so far. Very prompt and friendly and never fail to impress me.
Their cookies are Yummy, especially the dark chocolate, choco chip and white choco with nuts!
I been eating them as snacks through out the day and it certainly help with my milk supply.
Keep up the good work slb! 😊
Tried a pack given by friend. Its gd and helped to increase supply. So going to order more.
I got to know Jo through a mummies group - she was expecting her #3 and it was my #1. Being a first time mum, I didn't know what to expect from breastfeeding but had assumed that my body would provide naturally and I wouldn't need to go for external boosters. However, I was anxious to produce and provide for my baby after delivering and eventually turned to her lactation cookies to boost my supply! It proved to be a great choice as my supply improved and stabilised fast! What I love more about SLB and Jo is how generous they are in using good ingredients in their bakes (my favourite cookie flavour has to be cranberry - love the juicy cranberries against the contrast of every crunchy bite!!) and also how Jo is very willing in sharing breastfeeding and pumping tips and advice! I also had a chance to try her muffin (crazy moist and very tasty) - she surprised me with a mini muffin as part of my first cookies order! The last bake that I personally love and would highly recommend is SLB's cookie cups!! � Both Choc Malt and Nutella are divine!! Confirmed sinful max but oh so goooood! An indulgent treat for us breastfeeding mummies! Thank you again, Jo! �
I’ve been exclusively pumping for slightly more than a year and recently there’s a drop in my yield. Without hesitation, I ordered muffins, cookies and cookies cup from SLB! I have to say all of them taste really good!! What’s more, it helps to boost my supply by a little. I strongly recommend bf Mummies to try this!
Thank you SLB for the yummy and effective cookies! I really loved it and it has helped me boost my supply by about 50ml more during each pumping session.
I feel fuller and heavier now �

My 8 weeks old is also happier now that he has more milk to drink!

Additionally, it was also a pleasure ordering with you. All transactions were hassle free and to maintain the freshness of the cookies, the delivery was prompt too!

Thank you!! �
I was skeptical at first but decided to go ahead and try since my milk supply was really low, lesser than 100ml combined. But few hours after taking it I felt engorged and there is really an increase for about 20ml combined. I’m not very consistent in taking the cookies but currently I can get at least 120ml combined, enough for my baby girl.
Now I know that whenever I need a boost, I have SLB!
Absolutely in love with slb's cookies! Managed to try most of the flavours from the baby fair last weekend, and bought the cranberry ones. Also had their nutella cookie cups, they were so delish my husband stole 2 out of my 4 pieces!

Most importantly, these snacks actually worked for me. Just 2 cookies and 1 cookie cup, I yielded around 50ml more than my usual! Now I've gotta control my intake, least I get too engorged from slb's cookies. Next up, muffins!

**to add on, I've tried other brands of lactation cookies, and they didn't work for me. Glad to have found and tried slb's!
Had been taking their cookies along with Moringa supplements and found that this combi works for me. Baby is now 11 months old now and my supply has been stable and although I've stopped eating them, I would highly recommend it to new mums who are struggling with bf. Great service where they expedited my order on Sunday when I needed it for a friend. Cheers Joanna!
Ordered 5 muffins n take 1 Everyday continuously for 5 days n can see got increase in milk yield. Tried 5 different flavours of muffins n all are nice. But the price is abit costly n the size not too big. If the size can b bigger then is perfect to satisfy big eater like me~~ �
I loved their dark chocolate cookies! I am not a person who eats chocolate at all but their chocolate cookies are simply delicious to be missed. Also, these cookies boosts my milk supply! Will recommend to those mothers who are having low milk supply! Good luck!
Amazingly tasty and effective cookies which kinda freak me out as I only consumed 2 pieces during breakfast and the feeling of engorgement occurred (no longer engorge since baby was 6 weeks old and now 9).

And Joanna is extremely helpful and patient by explaining on the consumption and guide me along how I should breastfeed my baby more efficiently and effectively (probably she should be a lactation consultant).

Such good product and good service and will definitely recommend to others and make repeat orders.
When i gave birth to my baby boy, i was having really low yield, so i did a bit of googling and found out about Singapore Lactation Bakes so i decided to give it a try. Their service was extremely prompt, i placed my order that day and i received my order in full the next day! I ordered the sinful chocolate, red velvet, chocolate chips and cranberry for the four choices of muffins, and dark chocolate macadamia nut and oats lactation as well as butterscotch and oats lacation cookies for my first try.

The delivery arrived somewhere around 3pm, just in time for my tea break so i wasted no time in popping a muffin into my mouth. The muffins were extremely tasty, its a very welcome taste as i was on a strict diet for my first baby, so i refrained from a lot of tasty foods, the sinful chocolate muffin really made my day. Two is a just nice number for eating, not too filling and sweet tooth fulfiled. The results weren’t instantaneous, before taking the muffins i was only pumping 20ml, the immediate pump after the muffins was also at 20ml, told myself to have the cookies and see how’s the next pump. The following pump came in at 50ml! So these muffins and cookies work! I continued taking the muffins and cookies, and by the third/fourth day, i was pumping 70-90ml regularly! Until now, every pump sessions, I am pumping more than 300ml!

I highly recommend SLB bakes, not only for the tasty cookies and muffins, but also for the extremely friendly and prompt service, and do like their facebook page too, they provide many breast milk pump hacks and friendly advise!!
My go to lactation cookie supplier:) I love the seamless order- delivery process and the ever cheery and helpful Joanna behind the business is a huge plus. Most importantly, the cookies and muffins have worked for me. They are a great snack for a starving breastfeeding mum too. Thank you! And my baby thanks you too!
To be honest, I am not a big fan of cookies and muffins but after reading about how it helps on increasing milk supplies, I gave it a shot. And I didn't regret it as the muffins and cookies are so tasty. I just received my 2nd order and that 12 pieces of muffins will be my breakfast every morning. As for milk supplies, i do see the amount increased. Definitely worth trying it!
Fast delivery and the cookies so delicious especially chocolate chip and cranberry �
Very yummy cookies! I’ve tried dark choc, cranberry, butter scotch and white choc macadamia. I love the dark choc! With regular pumping and eating these cookies, it definitely helped with my milk!
It is already my 3rd time ordering my lactation treats from SLB...
Their cookies was the best...
I stop eating cookies for few months because the cookies were a bit pricey and then suddenly my milk drops.. so I tried eat again their cookies and finally my milk come back again to normal... Thank you so much SLB for helping me to eat brewers yeast in a nice way...
Got my cookies within 3 days of ordering. Absolutely scrumptious!!! Observed a 20% increase in my supply after consuming 5 cookies!
I ordered for cookies on a monday night and received them on Wednesday which was a fast delivery i would say. The cookies tastes so good. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery.
The cookies are yummylicious and super addictive. I finished my pack of cookies in one week and looking forward to my second pack! Most importantly it worked as a booster for me!
Cookies are really delicious even my mum and boy love them too. The cookies really increase my let downs ���
Cookies were superlicious. Could barely stop once I started. Nutella cookie cup were awesome and best of all both helped with my supply. Thanks SLB!
I tried all the available brands in the market, but SLB bakes the yummiest cookies n muffins!!
Love the cookies and chocolate muffin especially. Thanks Joanne, highly recommended to all mummies who like a “comfort” food to boost milk supply 🙂
Bought it during the Baby Fair pre-order and the taste is awesome. It is very addictive as well.
Been eating this for a while. Second time buying and I must say these cookies are so good and tasty.
Received my bundle set muffins & cookies - simply delicious and addictive that I just ordered more cookies~ *yummy yummy*

Super duper BIG THANKS to Alice for answering all my questions and being extremely patient with me - really appreciate this type of customer service. Top notch! *big big thumbs up*
As a ftm who's going back to work next month, I was looking for a way to increase my supply so that my LO can still have bm when I return to work. So glad I tried SLB cookies as I only had the cookies for 2 days and have seen my supply increase by 5-10ml per session. It may seem little but it means a lot to me:)
I ordered cookies and muffins and due to a small glitch in the system, Joanna very kindly blessed me with some milk drunk cookie cups. And...I enjoyed them ALL! Loved the blueberry muffin (I ordered mine without cream cheese and they kindly obliged...) and was so sad when my muffin supply ran out! The milk drunk cookie cups were also AMAZING, a MUST TRY. They taste quite decadent, so I only allowed myself one a day! I'm quite the Cookie Monster so I also loved the cookies, the sweeter ones like the butterscotch and the tangier ones with cranberries. Best of all, they do help with milk supply - so I feel less guilty indulging in these goodies! �
I ordered the cookies and tried an assortment of flavours (dark choc, cranberry oats, raisin) and not only are they addictive, they helped boost my milk supply till my LO STTN but i suffered frm blocked ducts afterwards :/ so mummies rmbr to pump out the milk when taking these yummy goodies!
Absolutely love the lactation cookies � And the little lactation muffin that came along as a treat was just as tasty. Will definitely recommend to fellow mommies who wanna boost their milk supply � (formula milk not cheap okay!!! �) Looking forward to order other flavours �
Ordered the cookies for the first time and after few days of trying out, it helped me to increase my letdown volume. Also thankfully to Joanna for all the advise. ��
Order for the first time last week. If you ask me, the first time I tasted it, I don't kinda like it because of the brewer yeast taste. But after few pieces, I kinda grow into loving the taste. Weird! Haha! Overall, it's the best lactation cookies I've ever tried! Esp the chocolate chips. Omg they are to die for!!! Today just order the 2nd batch. More choc chips cookies!!! My supply also can be seen increasing.
Very Yummylicious bakes and excellent service. As we were not home for a few days, Joanna made some arrangements and the bakes arrived much earlier than expected. Pleasantly surprised. Other than being delicious, the bakes had also increased my BM supply. Thumbs up!
The taste is really good.. In fact I just received the cookies last night and have just made another new order!!!!! Love how Joanna keeps me updated on the progress like payment received, cookies in the oven and finally cookies on the way! Shows that she really put in great effort to run this biz.. Even my mil who is very particular about food loves the cookies... 🙂
Just received the cookies, ordered the cranberry oats flavour yday. It's sooooo good!!
Look forward to increased supply in the next few days. Thank you for the complimentary muffin too, my 4yo saw it and went straight for it ��