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Daddies Cheat Sheet: How can you support your breastfeeding wife

breastfeeding wife

Support Breastfeeding Wife

As our society progresses, we are moving into an era where daddies are also getting super hands on and more daddies are showing support breastfeeding wife. More and more daddies are rolling up their sleeves changing diaper, feeding milk and bathing babies.

In SLB, we notice that here is an increase trend of daddy supporting their wives in their decision in breastfeeding. Some daddies even came by our store to pick up the bakes while others surprise their wives with the gift set!

Should your better half decide she wants to nurse your baby, she’s going to need a lot of support. It’s one of the hardest things she will ever do as a mum.

Since you are reading this ( coming this far into researching for your wife ), kudos to you!

You can show your support to your wife and make this breastfeeding journey a lot easier for her by the tips shown in the picture.