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The Power of Brewer’s Yeast in Lactation Cookies

The Power of Brewer's Yeast in Lactation Cookies

Are you a new mom looking for a way to increase your milk supply? You may have heard of lactation cookies, a tasty treat that can help boost milk production. Lactation cookies often contain brewer’s yeast, which has well-documented benefits for nursing mothers.

What is Brewer’s Yeast?

Brewer’s yeast is a type of yeast that is commonly used in beer brewing. It is a rich source of nutrients, including B vitamins, protein, and minerals such as iron, selenium, and zinc. Brewer’s yeast is also a source of probiotics, which can be beneficial for digestive health.

Brewer’s Yeast and Lactation

One of the benefits of brewer’s yeast is its ability to increase milk supply in lactating women. Even though the exact mechanism is not yet fully comprehended, the high levels of B vitamins and protein in brewer’s yeast are believed to be responsible for its effectiveness in increasing milk production.

In addition to increasing milk supply, brewer’s yeast can also improve the quality of breast milk. The sugar in human breast milk, called oligosaccharides, serves as food for beneficial gut bacteria and is not digested by the baby. This can help support the baby’s immune system and overall health.

Brewer’s yeast can also have a positive impact on the mother’s health. It can help reduce the risk of postpartum depression by supporting healthy brain function and reducing stress. Brewer’s yeast is well-known for its ability to improve skin health and promote the growth of strong and healthy hair and nails.

Using Brewer’s Yeast in Lactation Cookies

Lactation cookies are a popular way for nursing mothers to increase their milk supply while enjoying a tasty treat. There are many different recipes for lactation cookies, but most include brewer’s yeast as a key ingredient.

When choosing a recipe for lactation cookies, it’s important to look for one that includes a high-quality brewer’s yeast. Some lower-quality brewer’s yeast products may not have the same level of nutrients and benefits as higher-quality brands.

It’s important to note that nursing mothers should not solely rely on lactation cookies as the only means of increasing milk production, although they can be a helpful tool for the same purpose. Other strategies, such as frequent nursing or pumping, can also be helpful in increasing milk supply.

Nursing mothers can add brewer’s yeast to their smoothies, oatmeal, or other foods, besides using lactation cookies, to reap the same benefits.


Brewer’s yeast is beneficial for nursing mothers to boost milk supply and enhance breast milk quality. Its nutrient-rich composition, containing B vitamins and protein, can aid in promoting healthy milk production, while its probiotic content can contribute to improving the digestive health of both the mother and baby.

If you’re a nursing mother looking to boost your milk supply, consider incorporating brewer’s yeast into your diet. Whether through lactation cookies or other foods, brewer’s yeast can be a tasty and effective way to support your breastfeeding journey.