About Our Lactation Bakes


At SLB, we design lactation bake products that support you at this special time in your life, so you can better support your growing baby. We believe in making foods and herbs which help support a healthy milk supply FUN and DELICIOUS. That means jam-packing our products with wholesome superfoods to help you power up your energy, your mood, and your milk.


Our lactation cookies and muffins are crafted with galactagogues, foods and herbs traditionally used to support healthy lactation.


For decades, women in the know have been recommending a bowl of oatmeal as the ideal breakfast for nursing mamas, and for good reason. Iron-rich oats are the first defence in staving off maternal anaemia, one cause of low milk supply. The comforting properties of oats may increase your level of oxytocin (the “feel good” hormone) and, in turn, relax you and possibly help with let-down (adorable pics of baby don’t hurt either). Oats also deliver much-needed fibre and slow-burning energy, so you can keep up with that jogging stroller mommy group.

*We use Organic Rolled Oats


If flaxseed were a contestant on “The Bachelorette” it would get our final rose. It is the dream food for nursing mamas because it is a rich source of omega 3s (and it’s not a fish!). Omega 3s not only assist in fighting postpartum depression by regulating mood-altering hormones, but they also help improve the QUALITY of your breastmilk. Let’s not forget the phytochemical in flaxseed which somewhat mimic estrogen, potentially enhancing milk supply. To top it off, flaxseed also provides the extra dose of fibre and calcium your body needs to stay strong.

*We use Organic Flaxseed


Has anyone ever told you to “drink a beer” to boost your milk supply? Well, one explanation for this is brewer’s yeast. An ingredient in beer-making, brewer’s yeast is not only a known galactagogue but it is packed with valuable B vitamins and protein. B vitamins are essential for a healthy immune system and glowing skin, hair and nails. Brewer’s yeast is also a great source of chromium, a mineral responsible for stabilising blood sugar levels (lesser sugar crashes ahead- yeah!). And get this: brewer’s yeast is considered a probiotic, which means it aids digestion. Because of its wealth of nutritive powers, brewer’s yeast has been used to treat everything from acne to lactose intolerance to the common cold. Who DOESN’T need this stuff?

*We use Halal Certified Brewer’s Yeast

5 reasons on how our Lactation Bakes will benefit you

1. Lactation cookies can support your milk supply

 The key ingredients in lactation cookies—are oatmeal, brewer’s yeast, flaxseed,  and fenugreek.

2. Lactation cookies are more nutritious breastfeeding snacks

Feeding a miniature human from your body takes so much energy and effort, which is why most breastfeeding mothers are often very hungry and thirsty after each breastfeeding session. Instead of snacking on unhealthy food, lactation cookies are a more nutritious alternative. You get to satisfy your hunger while maintaining your figure!

3. Oats in lactation cookies promote healthy bowel movements

One of the main ingredients of lactation cookies is oatmeal. Oats are known to be high in fibre and can aid in your bowel movements, eventually helping you to shed some of your postpartum weight gains.

4. Brewer’s yeast in our lactation bakes may help with baby blues and PPD

The key ingredients in lactation cookies are brewer’s yeast. The combined nutrients in brewer’s yeast are believed to aid in managing depression, though there aren’t enough studies to support this claim. However, a little sugar fix from eating lactation cookies can definitely help in boosting your mood.

5. Lactation cookies have no adverse effects

Because the ingredients of lactation cookies are all-natural, there are no known adverse effects. Nuisances such as gas from oatmeal and weight gain from eating too many cookies are some of the reported “side effects.” Some doctors advise against fenugreek for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers with health conditions, though the small amount of fenugreek per cookie serving is considered safe enough.

Our optional Galactagogues Herbs

Fenugreek is one of the best and most well-known herbs for increasing milk production. When taken in very large amounts, Fenugreek is also used for lowering blood sugar levels, and is, therefore, not recommended for use by diabetics or those who are on strict insulin regimens to regulate their blood sugar levels. It also works on the digestive system, and in a small percentage of people, it may cause gas in either the mother or baby. Many mothers of adopted babies have successfully used this herb to help establish a breastmilk supply to feed their adopted babies. Fenugreek is not recommended for use during pregnancy as it can cause uterine activity.  Fenugreek must be used with consistency for best results, otherwise, it can negatively affect or decrease milk production.  

Fennel is great for increasing breastmilk production, and at the same time is also extremely helpful in relieving symptoms of gas or upset stomach. It is the perfect herb to take in conjunction with Fenugreek when gas is a problem.

Blessed Thistle increases breastmilk while helping to alleviate mild forms of postpartum depression. It is a bitter herb (known as a digestive bitter), which is healthful for the liver and digestion. Blessed Thistle is not recommended for use during pregnancy

Chia Seed  There is a reason why chia seeds earned the name as a superfood. It has fatty oils, protein, calcium, fibre and anti-oxidants. These nutrients will help develop the brain functioning of your child. Aside from that, it will also help you to produce more milk. Women need additional protein while breastfeeding to assist in your baby’s growth and brain development. 

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