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Snuggle, Latch, Blossom ( Breastfeeding Week )

breastfeeding week

Honoring Motherhood: Embarking on the Journey with ‘Snuggle, Latch, Blossom’ ( Breastfeeding Week )

Mark the Date – 5th August 2023

Embrace the joy of motherhood at ‘Snuggle, Latch, Blossom’, a unique event designed to celebrate and promote breastfeeding. This heartening celebration commences from 10 AM until 1 PM at the welcoming environment of Jarrons & Co, a well-known venue synonymous with comfort and relaxation.

Tailored for Nurturing Mothers

This event is dedicated to breastfeeding mothers, particularly those currently nursing their newborns and those yearning for a nurturing, supportive community. If you’re in this precious phase of motherhood, seeking companionship or expert guidance, then this gathering is for you.

An Array of Insightful Discussions

Our well-planned event features a plethora of enlightening talks on a multitude of key topics that matter to you as a new mother. Dive deep into the myriad benefits of breastfeeding, encounter solutions to common challenges that new mothers face, learn how to manage work-life balance during this delicate phase, and glean tips on maintaining emotional wellness amidst all the changes. Listen to inspiring stories from seasoned breastfeeding moms, and engage in enriching discussions with professionals dedicated to maternal and infant health.

Why This Event Matters

Why should you consider attending ‘Snuggle, Latch, Blossom’? We’re not just celebrating World Breastfeeding Week; we’re doing much more. Our core objective is to cultivate a compassionate community that upholds and advocates the significance of breastfeeding, and understands its challenges and victories alike. The event is meticulously designed to empower you, provide pragmatic solutions to your breastfeeding concerns, and ultimately, make your breastfeeding journey more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Special Perks and Surprises

The perks of attending ‘Snuggle, Latch, Blossom'( Breastfeeding Week ) extend far beyond the community and insights. For an entry fee of just $8 per couple, you stand to receive a multitude of benefits. Every attendee will receive a goodie bag teeming with valuable and useful products worth over $200. We’ve partnered with Thomson Medical Centre to provide you with a nutritious lunch, ensuring you stay energized during the event. As for sweet endings, enjoy a delightful dessert table catered by SLB.

Alluring Prizes to WinCelebrate motherhood and discover the enriching world of breastfeeding at ‘Snuggle, Latch, Blossom’ on August 5th, 2023.

We have even more in store for our participants. Stand a chance to win fabulous prizes worth up to $1000! These generous giveaways are our way of showing appreciation for the incredible journey of motherhood you’ve embarked upon.

RSVP for a Rewarding Day

Do not miss out on this enlightening and rewarding day. Secure your spot today and let’s commemorate the journey of breastfeeding collectively. Whether you’re a new mother or an experienced one, there’s something for everyone at ‘Snuggle, Latch, Blossom’.

We can’t wait to welcome you and your delightful little ones to ‘Snuggle, Latch, Blossom’! Let’s embrace the journey of motherhood together, celebrating its challenges, triumphs, and the beautiful bond it nurtures.

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