Sunpkin Lactation Cookies (100g)

$9.10 or $8.55 / week for 4 weeks

The least sweet cookies – The Sunpkin lactation cookies.  Marriage of sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

As reported by The Digestible, a blog run by San Francisco State University’s Nutrition and Dietetics program, Pumpkin seeds also called pepitas can be a beneficial addition to the average breastfeeding mum’s diet. Pumpkin seeds are high in fibre and iron which is important for nerve and brain cell development, with 28 grams of pumpkin seeds meeting half of the daily recommendation of iron for nursing mums.

Studies also point to the importance of having adequate zinc levels in your breast milk for healthy lactation. Why do babies need zinc? Firstly, zinc supports a healthy immune system and protects against common colds and infections. Zinc is great for baby’s skin. It also aids in brain development. Zinc allows a baby’s body to absorb other vital nutrients as well. Zinc can’t be stored, so it is important that we keep eating it regularly to maintain our zinc levels.

Sunflower seeds are rich in antioxidants, vitamin D, Vitamin A, iron clacium,zinc, selenium and copper. Folic acid in sunflower seed helps in the formation of red blood cells, which are the main source of oxygen for the growing baby’s cell. These vitamins help to protect nursing mothers and babies from attack by free radicals. Sunflower seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the brain development of the babies.

Most of it all, its not sweet but yet has a nice crunch to it! So mummies who likes a healthier, less sweet choice, this is the cookie for you!

 Min Qty: 600g under cookies category

1 = 100g of cookies ( about 9-10 pieces of cookies)

Storage: 2 months in cool shady area
Eat: 8 – 10 cookies per day
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Sunpkin Lactation Cookies 

Delicious galactagogue packed Sunflower and pumpkin seed lactation cookies.

Goodness mainly made from
Organic Flour, Butter, Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil , White Sugar, Brown Sugar , Organic Flaxseed Meal, Pasteurised Egg, Vanilla Extract, Organic Brewers Yeast, Sunflower  Seed, Pumpkin Seed, and Organic Rolled Oats.


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Weight 100 g

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