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Heightened Phase 2: 5 Gifts ideas for new mums that they’ll actually use

heightened phase 2

5 Gifts ideas for new mums that they’ll actually use during Heightened Phase 2 of covid in Singapore

Of course, all mothers want the same thing: rest. But since we can’t wrap that up and give it to her as a present, we’ll have to settle for the next best thing.

We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that new mothers will love; whether it is skincare to do an at-home spa, or yummy treats to feast on, or adorable clothes for her and the baby, we’ve got it all here on this list! No matter if it’s her first baby, or baby no. 3, she is sure to appreciate and love all these gifts. Especially with covid-19 around and a second wave in Singapore, she may not feel safe shopping around for herself, so you can be sure that she will appreciate new things.

Ksisters – Skincare line

ksisters skin care new mum

We’d all love to head to the spa and get some facials done, especially in this stressful period. Unfortunately, the government just announced the closure of all facilities that require your mask to be off, so we have to settle for the next best thing. Ksisters is your one-stop shop for everything feminine related – skincare, makeup, clothes for mama and baby, jewelry, even other lifestyle goods! She can easily do an at-home spa day with their amazing skincare products. With their wide range of goods, we’re sure that mum will appreciate anything on this website.

Singapore Lactation Bakes – Complete New Mom Gift Hamper

new mum gift set

It’s a common worry for any mummy wishing to breastfeed their child to worry about their milk supply. But not to fret, SLB’s gift hamper comes with everything a new mum needs! Lactation cookies and their other lactation bakes all help to increase your milk supply through the use of superfoods, and the gift set also comes with a nursing cover, soft toys and even a teething toy! If you know that mum is worrying about her milk supply, be sure to get these for her to ease her worry. She’ll also get to enjoy the yummy cookies, brownies… drool

Oeteo – Newborn gift set

new mum gift set

Oeteo, a local supplier of baby clothes, has some of the cutest baby clothes we’ve ever seen. With covid rampaging around, it’s best for mum to stay at home to keep herself safe. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to shop for baby clothes, so you can help her out by doing the shopping for her! Oeteo’s newborn gift set is perfect for mum since it comes with all the clothes, blankets, mittens that she’ll ever need!

Hegen – PCTO™ Double Electric Breast Pump

Hegen milk bottle new mum

This gift set is curated perfectly for newborn babies, making it easy and efficient for mum to breastfeed! Hegen’s innovative, all-in-one express, store and feed system allows mums to use the same container for everything by simply switching out the attachment, so there’s no wastage. All the attachments mum will ever need are included in this gift set, so it’s perfect for her! Their patent pending one-handed closing system is perfect for mums who only have one free hand from holding the baby!

5. Jump Eat Cry’s Nursing line

jump eat cry new mum

If mum is a fashionista, look no further than Jump Eat Cry! They have a nursing and maternity line, easily accommodating both nursing needs and a growing belly. Many people associate nursing clothes with un-fashionable articles of clothing, but these are trendy while still being functional! If you know the baby’s gender, you can even buy a matching set for mum and baby, so they can wear matching clothes and look adorable together. And make sure to purchase their gift packaging so it looks extra special!


All these gifts are great for mums, but at the end of the day the most important thing is that you stay by mum’s side and give her reassurance and encouragement! Make sure she knows that you’re there for her. Motherhood is amazing and incredible, but also frustrating and tiring. She will most definitely appreciate your support if you do!