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Celebrating Motherhood: Breastfeeding Week 2023 by Jarron and co x SLB

Breastfeeding Week 2023: Celebrating Motherhood in Singapore”

Are you a breastfeeding mom in Singapore? Join us on August 5, 2023, for “Breastfeeding Week Talks 2023,” an event crafted to honor, educate, and empower breastfeeding mothers. Located in Defu Lane, Singapore, this event is designed to support and enhance your breastfeeding journey from 10 AM to 1 PM.

Who should attend the Snuggle Latch Blossom 2023?

Breastfeeding mothers seeking insights and support in their breastfeeding journey are welcome. Meet and engage with a community of nursing moms and breastfeeding experts, discuss common breastfeeding challenges, and share your experiences.

What does the Snuggle Latch Blossom Talks 2023 offer?

This breastfeeding event in Singapore presents a series of insightful talks about breastfeeding benefits, overcoming breastfeeding hurdles, managing work-life balance while breastfeeding, and maintaining emotional wellness. Gain valuable knowledge from experienced breastfeeding moms and professionals in the field.

Our day will be filled with inspiring talks on a variety of key topics, from understanding the benefits of breastfeeding, overcoming common challenges, baby wearing and confinement tip, to managing work-life balance and maintaining emotional well-being. Hear from seasoned breastfeeding moms and engage with professionals in the field.


Why should breastfeeding mothers attend this event in Singapore?

Besides commemorating World Breastfeeding Week, this event aims to foster a supportive community for breastfeeding moms in Singapore. Join us and enhance your breastfeeding experience with practical tips, supportive discussions, and expert advice.

What’s included in the Snuggle Latch Blossom Talks 2023 ticket?

Bonus Perks!
Each couple’s entry is priced at only $8, an incredible value considering the perks that come with attendance. All attendees will receive a goodie bag worth over $200, packed with useful products and information. A nutritious lunch will be provided courtesy of Thomson Medical Centre, along with a delightful dessert table catered by Singapore Lactation Bakes.

But that’s not all – you’ll also have the chance to win attractive prizes worth up to $1000! These giveaways are our way of showing appreciation and support for the wonderful journey of motherhood that you’ve undertaken.

Join us for this educational and rewarding day, and let’s celebrate the journey of breastfeeding together. RSVP today!

We can’t wait to welcome you and your little ones to our Breastfeeding Week Talks 2023!

RSVP today for this exciting breastfeeding event in Singapore and let’s celebrate the incredible journey of motherhood together!

Beyond commemorating Breastfeeding Week, our goal is to create a nurturing and understanding community that champions the significance of breastfeeding. Our event is designed to empower you, provide solutions to your challenges, and enhance your overall breastfeeding experience.