Milk Drunk Salted Chocolate Mini Cookie Cup (6s)


Hmmm mmmm chocolate in a cup!

Armed with the all time goodie chocolate, its placed with our very own lactation cookies! YUMMY!

Comes in box of 6s.
1 Box  = 6 Milk Drunk Mini Cookie Cups

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Our Milk Drunk Salted Chocolate Mini Cookie Cup is filled with a delectable chocolate sauce, topped off with Himalayan salt for that perfect sweet but salty combination! The cookie cup is made out of our classic lactation cookie to boost the lactation benefits! This cookie cup is filled with galactagogues sure to boost your milk supply.

Goodness mainly made from
organic flour, unsalted butter, brown sugar, organic flaxseed meal, pasteurised egg, top quality vanilla extract, organic brewers yeast, Himalayan salt, chocolate, sea salt.