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Singapore Lactation Bakes

Wide range of lactation cookies, muffins and nursing tea for breastfeeding mothers.

Delicious Lactation cookies, lactation muffins and lactation brownies from Singapore Lactation Bakes will help you boost and increase your breast milk supply and we deliver them right to your doorstep.

Lactation Muffins SIngapore

How do lactation bakes actually help me?

Maximize Your Breastfeeding Experience with Our Lactation Bakes – Packed with Essential Galactagogues for Optimal Support.

The key ingredients to our bakes are Rolled Oats, Brewer’s Yeast, and Flax Seed.

Indulge in Safe and Delicious Lactation Treats with Our Halal-Certified lactation cookies, muffins and brownies.

In House Certified Lactation Counselor

Expertly Crafted Lactation cookies and bakes Recipes by Joanna Goy, a Certified Lactation Counselor and IBCLC Candidate. With a Decade of Breastfeeding Experience and a Successful Track Record of Supporting Nursing Mothers in Singapore Since 2015.

Lactation Counselor IBCLC
baby hamper

Perfect Gift for the new Mummy and Baby Hamper

Freshly Baked and Same-Day Delivered Lactation Treats – A Perfect Gift for New Moms. Upgrade from Traditional Chicken Essence to lactation cookies and bakes with Our Thoughtful Baby Hamper Gift Sets.

We got you covered

Maximize Comfort and Versatility with a Multi-Use Cover – Perfect for Nursing, Stroller Rides, and Playtime. Protect You and Your Baby at All Phases!

eating lactation cookies singapore

Your Breast-friend

Always there for you even in the wee hours, SLB is your cheerleader and your wee hour feeding companion! Let us be your most trusted companion in your breastfeeding journey. 

Fast received delicious bakes
Bought it for my wife and she loves everything! Gonna buy again for her soon.
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Delicious cookies and really works to increase milk supply. Even my husband and toddler love to eat it! Have repurchased many times.
Super tasty!!!
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Ordered dark choco, double choco & cranberries cookie. Dark choco cookie is tasty than the others. Last time I tried normal chocolate chip I will prefer dark choco too. The delivery is very fast too received the next day. I not sure does it really helps increasing my bm because so far no obvious difference even I finish the 600g choco chip cookie but I just take it as a snacks to eat while pumping so I order again.
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Prompt delivery. Nice bakes!
Very yummy bakes! Definitely able to see the increase in my supply ◡̈ also, the service from the team are very efficient!!!
Ordering for the fourth time. Love their cookies as a quick snack and the muffins are such great breakfast foods
The bakes taste really good just like normal cookies that nobody would imagine they were lactation bakes!
My 1st order in June for my nephew wife, feedback from them that the cookies and muffins is good and nice and also boost breast milk. This is my 2 time order for my niece who has just give birth to 2nd son.
Fast delivery and lactation cookies no sugar was a delight
I love the ookies and the brownies =) sooooo yummmy 😋😋😋😋
Fantastic boosting product for my wife!
Top notch experience frm start to end. Vilson serve us with utmost knowledge, empathy and personalisation. It was a thrilling encounter and the products bought were equally unparalleled. Highly recommended 🔥
Lactation bakes is sooo good. Must to have for those breast feeding mother. Mummy also should treats herself after her confinement.And big kudos to Mr.Vilson who didn’t hesitate on spending more times on every customer to make sure they do understand their product before they buy.
Very friendly and knowledgeable staffs. Appreciate the help needed for for my BF journey. 👍🏻
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Appreciate their help and knowledge for my wife BF journey.
Double chocolate chip cookie was really tasty and stock ran out very fast!
Yummy and healthy lactation bakes! Very friendly staff with alot of patience level!
My wife loves the lactation cookies from Singapore Lactation Bakes. Repeated purchase.
Tried the lactation tea and butterscotch cookies, taste really good! Will definitely recommend!
Very tasty cookies and delicious tea
Delicious cookies !! Works wonders for me and increased my supply almost immediately! ❤❤
The butterscotch cookies are to die for!!
Great varieties of flavours for lactation bakes. Looking forward to increase supply.
Bakes are delicious and service is amazing!
Tasty bakes and friendly customer service!
Vilson (with a V) is ever ready to share and allow for samplings. He's very helpful in recommendations too. Thumbs up!
Great variety of cookies bakes and staff is very friendly!
Good service and delicious cookies
Taste good & many flavor to choose❤️
Many type favour can choose so yummy!
Midnight Nutelle is very nice but sold out.
Awesome lactation cookies 🍪
cookies is tasy and friendly customer relations services
Yummy cookies.
The cookie is super nice and the staff is very friendly.
In love with their dark chocolate
The cookies was super tasty
the cookies was delicious
Nice customer service and yummy cookies!
Very nice cookies, easy to eat!
Vilson, is very friendly, knowledgeable and his advice helps us choose the best lactation cooking.
Good tasting cookies and yummy brownies!Best customer service too 😁
alot of type to choose from. nice and good customer service
many varieties and cookies are addictive
great taste
Pleasant experience! Am a fan of their lactation tea and it certainly boosts my milk supply!
2nd baby and still loving it
Delicious cookies that help to increase my supply right after delivery! And their flavour choices are also quite extensive
Nice and good
Yummy bakes!
Yummy cookies!
Great bakes and very friendly crew to guide first time mom learning about lactation cookies.
And yummy flavored cookies too!!
very tasty lactation bakes and it works for me! loving the cookie cups and cranberry and butterscotch cookies.
Tried the berry chocolate granola, it’s yummy and I think it helps lactation.
Tastes good
Great service from the staff, very friendly and ready to help. Love that it is inviting
Tried their cookies during baby expo fair. very nice and yummy
I am missing one flavor I ordered which was a strawberry muffin. I got two blueberry where I only ordered one**Just an update, SLB reached out to me personally and offered me a compensation for the missing muffin. I totally appreciate the big effort they did. Changing my review now from 3 to 5 stars 😊
Not a first time buyer. Perfect for snacks during midnight for breastfeeding mom.
Delicious cookies.
5 years of breastfeeding and these are STILL my favourite lactation treats! The brownies, dark chocolate chip cookies and berry chocolate granola are my favourites!
Love the bakes! Helps to boost my milk supply! Definitely a yummy snack!
5 years of breastfeeding and these are STILL my favourite. The nutella brownies make amazing motn snacks! 😆
Purchased their bakes multiple times. Not only it’s yummy, it helped with the increase in breast milk supply!
Super love it. Usually after 1 pump i need to wait another 6hrs bcs ntg will come out. But after trying it for 2 days, i can see changes straight away. 3 hrs after the first pump i manage to have 30ml of milk. Looking forward for more progress 🌈
tried and love the cookies!
Delicious cookies and tried the New Sunpkin a combination of Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds. Should try it!
Got it as a confinement gift and it helped to kickstart my breastfeeding journey!!
Love the dark chocate macademia nut and sunpkin lactation cookies! Great option for healthier choice!
Cookie was delicious, staff nic has been very genuine and friendly. Service provided was absolutely fantastic! 🙂
Good cookies and even greater service! Met Nic at the babyfair booth and his service was amazing!
Very tasty and nice.
Very nice and tasty.
The experience here was fantastic! Please do drop by and get some singapore lactation bakes! 🙂
I have tried both brownies & their white chocolate cookies! Super nice I truly love it 🥰😍 Recommended! 💛
love the dark chocolate and cranberry! recommend it.
Cookies are delicious! Both my kid and husband loves it 👍🏻
Nice cookies taste.. Good for wife.
yummy bakes, great variety and really fast delivery
I love the cookies! extra calories for lactation and satisfy my sweet tooth!
Loving the cookies! Have bought numerous times. I have sweet tooth. So it's a win win situation. Extra calories for lactation and sweet stuff 😛
Super yummy!! Must try it!
Most delicious lactation bakes!
taste yummy, love the dark choco
cranberry cookies were delicious and not too sweet. staff at MITAS fair are friendly and helpful. 🙂
Recommended from my circles of friends. Indeed one of the best lactation products that have both results and still taste great! Definitely worth recommending!
These cookies are so good and it keeps you full. I dont eat 8 at one shot, although they are addictive. I eat 1-2 after every meal as a dessert. The brownies/grains I eat for breakfast and I wasn't hungry even after breastfeeding! So no worries on weight gain. Increase in milk supply definitely have but! Must be patient. I use to only be able to pump 15mins each side before dry liao. Now I can go up to 25 mins each side, 220-240ml total depending on my patience 🤣
Delicious cookies!!! Will order more 🙂
Great tasting cookies.
the cookies are tasty, do not have the oats rough texture. the cranberry cookies taste bit sour after taste. overall good 👍
Delicious yet non sinful cookies available! Best for mummies who are breastfeeding out there!
Delicious yet non sinful cookies available! Best for mummies who are breastfeeding out there!
8 months on, these bakes keeps me going. Taste great and not too heaty even when eat too many.
Delicious lactation bakes. I have heard alot about them while I was browsing around for lactation bakes to try. Went to the baby fair recently and was very excited to visit their booth. The team was extremely helpful and friendly too. Taking time to explain about their different delicious bakes and happy to offer samples for you to try! I managed to try out the different flavors before deciding which ones to buy ! Love the cranberries cookie !!! Highly addictive! Hope it will boost the milk supply 🙂 can't wait to try them out !
Nice and friendly staffs :))
Great taste!
Love the taste of the cookies! Thank you!
Love the taste of the cookies! Thank you so much! 😊
Delicious Cookie Cups! Even the kids love it. 😊
Cookies are great! Can give it a try!
The cookies and brownies are so delicious!
Many options and flavours to choose from!
Lovely wide variety of flavours! Good source of milk booster! Taste and texture all on point!
Tried the cookie flavours and all of them taste very good! Texture and crunch are on point! Encourage all try!
I had some samples when I gave birth and I loved the cookies so much. I went to the mummy fair only to buy some😅 Good snacks for all the family!
The white cookies taste soooo nice…! In fact their SLB tea too tasted nice.. 😍😍😍😍

Can’t wait to eat more…thank you Singapore Lactation Bakes!! Mummies do try it.. 😉
Awesome cookies! Helps my supply 🙂
They have amazing cookies! Really help woth supply. Met them again at mummy market fair and the staffs were all so friendly! Please give it a try.
Been on these yummilicious cookies esp the cookies cup for years!! Love the taste and the benefits of boosting my milk supply. Thanks SLB and Joanna for producing such great product for us mommies and children!!!
Tried these cookies when I had my firstborn and back for second born! Works wonders for my supply!
Great service shown by the staff here! Delicious cookie tasting that helped in decision on flavour & very clear in explanation in the packages. Great discounts offered!
Tasty cookies that are not too sweet! Recommend the dark chocolate flavour and their refreshing nursing tea too!
prefect cookies for breastfeeding mums!!
Wonderful customer service from the boss (guy) he was kind and patience with our enquiry!! Was glad to made the right choice, and decided for SLB. Thanks you for your hospitality. Blessed to meet you. Great recommended lactation cookies to get for your partner and yourself. !
Awesome bakes with great varieties of flavours to choose from! Great buy, do try them out for breastfeeding mummies!
Super delicious cookie that helps me with my breast milk supply! 🙂
Delicious cookies! Glad we managed to sample their bakes at Expo 👍🏼
Great cookies! Impressed with their samples at expo. Will be repurchasing.
Love their lactation cookies (especially their dark chocolate chip)
Their cookies are really good and tasty! It helped with my breast milk significantly!
Lactation tea relaxing taste
Love the lactation cookies (especially dark chocolate flavour) from Singapore Lactation Bakes! 😍
Really yummy cookies!! Milk drunk cups are really the best.
Great for lactation nice and great smell
not only suitable for the person whose lactation , aso have very good nutrition for kids and grown up the most important part is the taste is really awesome❤️ full of love❤️
Tasty cookies and easy to snack on.
Ever since giving birth a month ago, I have been craving for chocolate every day. As my confinement meals completed last week, I haven't been eating lactation boost. as I know I've been craving for chocolate, I ordered my supply from SLB. Today, I received my 8 days supply bundle and added on the milk drunk mini cup cake. 1st thing I indulged were the mini cup cake.

While having my sweet tooth cravings supplied for, hoping that my milk supply will double up as well!

thank you.
Tried almost all the flavours of their cookies, brownie and tarts and my favourite by far is their cranberry, dark chocolate and chocolate chips lacation cookies. Definitely help mummies who are breastfeeding increase supply. Their new launch berry berries and berry chocolate granola are very nice as well, my favourite is berry berries! Yummylicious! 🤤🤤 Recommended to all mummies who are breastfeeding! 👍🏻👍🏻
highly recommended!
Their flavours of chocolate chips, dark chocolate macadamia nuts and cranberry lacation cookies are simply so delicious and nice! Glad that it helped in improving the yield of the breastmilk. Cant wait to try other flavours of cookies as well as their muffins and brownies! Highly recommended to all mothers on breastfeeding journey! 👍
The brownies and muffins are very delicious and it really boost my supply a lot after consuming for a month plus. The Grandma Yeo brownie and cranberry muffins are my top most fav. 😋😋 it's a must have!
I love the bakes and this is the only brand that works for me - increase in supply. the cookies are so tasty and yum. 2-3pcs each time before pump. immediate increase in yield.
Cookies taste good!!! Delivery not bad too! Order on tue, recieved on friday 😘 totally recommend this
Generous fillings as shown! Highly recommended to mummies even if you are not breastfeeding. Yummy treat to tie you through meals you often skipped with your little ones around.
my second time buying the products. can I just say I LOVE the brownies. omg its nicer than any brownie ate outside. kudos SLB!
I have been ordering SLB lactation bakes since breastfeeding my #1. Once I gave birth to my #2, i ordered immediately again. I always have a stash of their cookies ready in my fridge and munch on them throughout the day. Though it does not help with my supply, it helps alot with my constant hunger pangs.

I have tried before their cookies, cookie cups, muffins and brownies. All of them taste really good and not overly sweet. Dark chocolate lactation cookie, cookie cup, peanut butter muffin, chocolate chip muffin are always in my checkout cart. As a non sweet tooth person, I am glad that SLB is able to customize and bake the cookies with lesser sugar.

Their fb customer service personnel are very friendly too. They always patiently answer my queries and gave advice to any breastfeeding issues that I may have.

Thank you SLB!
Received 2 boxes of Milk Drunk Nutella Mini Cookie Cup (6s) from my friend recently. The cookies are so yummy that I finished one whole box within the same day! Oops!

Just registered an account and placed an order for more cookies and also 2 boxes of the Milk Drunk Nutella Mini Cookie Cup!

Pretty sure it does help to boost my milk supply besides being a delicious snack! Can't wait to receive them!
The cookies were yummy when I tried. Can’t wait to order my stash.
Immediate results: Took 5 cookies after dinner and milk production increased by 50% at midnight. Cookies are delicious too, you wouldn’t have known that they are for lactation purpose.

Customer service is awesome too. Abigail very kindly waited beyond opening hours when we were running late to collect our bakes.

Highly recommended! 👍🏻
Their cookies,muffins, brownies are all delicious. I kept ordering to stock up my cookies during my maternity leave but since they are unable to deliver to work place, i hv to stop ordering when i start working..but will always buy from them during baby fair. It works well on my supply.
Great experience ordering from them on my wife’s previous pregnancy. Will be ordering from them again real soon 😉
I love their cookies! really help with milk supply!
I love the yummy bakes from SLB and I make sure I always have some stashed away in the fridge, especially the cookies and cookie cups - they are of bite size, so it is convenient to munch on them during feeds in the wee hours. Although I never have problem with my milk supply since the birth of my baby, I don’t pump, so I consume lactation goodies from SLB to ensure that my milk supply doesn’t go down and that it can keep up with my baby’s growth spurts. I also find the customer service of SLB prompt, professional and helpful. I would definitely continue to order from them in the future.
Super love their brownies. Not too overly sweet, crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. And not to forget the Nutella cookie cups. 👍 ate 1 brownie and seen an increase of 20ml. Will continue to see how it goes! 😀
I purchased their lactation set, and they are so yummy! I saw my supply increased!

They have really good after service, eguide was sent to me on how should I have eat the bakes. When I have queries I'll message her staffs @ her site and they are really helpful too! Thank you for your bakes and service!
Delicious cookies for lactation
I have order 4 times from SLB, so far I love their cookie cup! Super yummy, so easy to finish all 6 in one sitting. Most importantly it boosted my supply by 30-50ML each pump! I'll recommend their bakes to all new mummies for sure! Keep up the good work!
Love the brownies &cookies
Helps boosting supply & nourish milk quality
When I had my first one I wasn’t successful in breastfeeding. So when I was pregnant with my 2nd one I decided I want to make this works so I was googling how to boast my yield. So I came across SLB. Once I gave birth my yield was really low combined only yielding 50ml per 4 hrs. Was worry that this time round my bf journey will failed again.
So I decided to order cookies from SLB.
The cookies was so yummy that I couldn’t stop. Before I knew it I had 5 cookies in 1 seating. After a while my breast started to feel tight and when I pumped it out I was yielding 80ml.
Thank you so much for helping me in my bf journey
Chocolate muffins! Tastes great!
Such wonderful bakes!! Actually, I was skeptical in the beginning but after seeing the reviews from alot of mummies, I wanted to give it a try. And my Gosh! I saw an increase in my milk supply!! For me, the soft lactation cookies were working so well for me. I’ve also tried ALL the cookies as well. Now I’m going for the brownies!! I’ll keep ordering till I breastfeed 🤣😍
Thank u so much SLB!!
I just received my order yesterday. I tried one piece but didn't get to stop because it is so addictive. In total, I had only 6 pieces of the biscuit before I went to bed and in the wee morning, my boobs were tight (for the first time after many weeks!!) I managed to pump out double the amount effortlessly! This is simply amazing 🙂 So thankful
Cookie cups and cookies are nice! In brief, these works for me! Supply did increase noticeably after 1 week of snacking on these happy treats. Recommended! Additionally, the nursing cover is very cooling. I don't feel paranoid of the little one feeling stuffed up while nursing on me. This too is recommended! Thank you SLB!
Only tried the cookies and they work! But it’s really quite expensive.
I have 3 children, all of whom I’ve tried to breastfeed for as long as possible. With my first two children, my milk kicked in a little too slowly and as both had jaundice, I had to supplement and my milk supply just never kicked in well enough between hospital visits to the neonatal ward as my children had to undergo phototherapy.
When I conceived my third whom I gave birth to in October this year, I said I would try something new and so I ordered some cookies from SLB just a few weeks prior to my EDD to take with me for snacks after I had delivered at the hospital. My colostrum came in as always but then the milk came in right on time! My husband supported me by renting a phototherapy bed so that I could continue with my breastfeeding journey. It’s been two months now and I am actually oversupplying when I’ve always been an under supplier! I only hope that this continues once I return to work.
Oh, the muffins and cookie cups are delish by the way...yummy treat for you every once in a while and a great way to reward yourself for a job well done!
Thank you!!!!
Highly recommend their cookies cup it's soooo sinful yet delicious!! 😋
Have tried several of their baked products. Especially loved their muffins and cookie cups! So tasty and satisfying. Since it helped to boost my supply, all the more to munch on those delicious goodies. I like that you have the option to add in additional boosters. Thank you, SLB!
Had try the freshly baked muffin right after receiving. The muffin and cookies are so tasty. Not sure if it will help in my milk supply yet but they are indeed great as snacks.
When I gave birth, my yield was extremely low. However, the cookies and muffins helped to improve my supply by 20ml in the evening. In fact, my older daughter likes the cookie cups so much, I have to hide it from her at times. Thank you for coming up with such great-tasting products and the wonderful, supportive service team. The cookies always arrive very timely, 2 days after ordering. Kudos to the team! 🙂
All thanks to my sweetest friend, Melissa who ordered some delicious SLB bakes as an encouragement for my final breastfeeding journey. I am not a sweet tooth person & hardly eat cakes but I really love the moist & texture of your muffins that kept me wanting more. I finished my gift & just ordered another batch of muffins & cookies. Best of all, these lactation bakes really work fer me! Will definitely recommend to my families & friends.
Love those cookie cups and muffins! Breastfeeding is so much more fun with delicious pastries like these! Keep it up SLB x
Love their bakes as it is so tasty and helps to boost my supply for my Son too.
In order to double boost my milk supply for my twins, I’ve gotten the best lactation bakes!!!
I love their bakes! I have been ordering from them since June. The bakes have been helping out with my supply. If not for SLB helping with my supply. I might stop breastfeeding totally. Thank you SLB!!
Enjoyed the wide variety of cookies and muffins! Tried the brownies during baby fair and they were so delicious ! Can’t wait for them to be launched !
My first encounter with their excellent service was when I first ordered their muffins as a birthday surprise for a close friend who just delivered! Wasn't aware about the time frame initially but upon knowing my intentions, the order was rushed out so that my friend could receive it just in time on her birthday!

After eating SLB products over the past 2 weeks, I see a significant increase in my breast milk output as well as more frequent and forceful let downs! Plusss, it is a reeeallllly yummy treat to indulge in as bfast, desserts and esp to curb the in between meals hunger of a bfing mummy..

Thank u Joanna and team SLB for keeping us going!!!
their cookies are perfectly delicious..
my wife like it very much
Ordered for my wife for our first 2 kids ! Got to know it from a closed friend as it worked for her. We tried varioud brands before, however it wasnt useful. After trying SLB,the result was superb. As it increased her supply by 40 to 50ml, which madr my wife alot less stress too! Thanks SLB!
awesom cookies! bought some for my wife and indeed it helpes with her supply! bought most of their favours and i got to admit, i csnt stop steaing her cookies too!
Awesome bakes! Helped my wife with her supply
Order some cookies for my wife...

She tried most of the products and they were all simply delish! And take it as my daily tea time snack too! After having them she feel more let downs as well - this is truly killing 2 birds with one stone! 😃
My only regret is should have ordered n started her on them sooner!! 😊
Joanna’s service has been impeccable too. As I had requested for no macadamia nuts in the bakes, she replied me promptly and even called me to clarify.
Thanks Joanna and all at SLB!! 👏🏻👍🏻
Initially I had my doubts with lactation cookies, I have tried various brands but they did not help my supply at all and they taste very awful. But until a friend recommended me SLB because my supply was dwindling. I was very surprise that lactation cookies can taste sooo GOOD and most importantly it doubled my yield. Now I am a fan of SLB! Constantly ordering when my cookie supply is low!
Great experience with SLB. Bought a gift hamper for my friend who just gave birth. She love every single thing that was given inside. But She love the cookies cup the most as she is a chocolate lover. The cookies cup is filled with lots of nutella which is really sinful but is an awesome chocolate treat for her. Delivery was on time, speedy replies from the staff. Thank you will definitely buy them again. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻